"The world wasn't perfect, but it was a damn sight better than it is today. We had internet, computers, every home had water, and you were happy to deal with the occasional cold or chest infection for the privilege... or so you thought.

They figured they were doing the world a favour, those Novamed lot in the States. You got any idea how many people used to die a year due to lower respiratory infections, kid? Well... me neither, to be honest... but it was a lot. Big killer, that was. So when the medical types said they had a cure that'd wipe those infections off the face of the Earth, people were calling it a 'miracle'.

Miracles, hah. They don't exist.


They released the damn thing into the air, and... and I dunno what happened, but the drug changed. Within months, almost everyone I knew was dead, and those that weren't were... something else. They turned into these mindless killing machines. Fifty years ago, that was. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

But people like you and me, kid? We're survivors. In the history books of the future, we are legends."






We Are Legends LARP is a game that focuses on survival in a world where our real world was the height of human achievement before it all came crashing down. As well as utilising some of the more traditional elements of larp, we also look at the psychological aspects of living in a harsh world where people need to make tough decisions to survive. Things will scare you, death will shake you, and even the toughest of all may end up mentally broken by this new world....

But you will survive.

You are legends.

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We Are Legends LARP is run by a game team led by Kelly Jane Poole as Head Referee and Game Organiser. The core team includes Rob Cain,Liam McGrath, Ash Cole and Joe Quigley as our Refs and Department Heads, and Reiss McSporran as Crew Chief.


All members of our Game Team and Crew are volunteers and make no profit or wage from this game. All profits will be rolled back into the game to help it run better in the future.


We Are Legends aims to run with a maximum of 30 players. It is a PvPvE system which focuses on cooperation despite differences in morality. The game will involve elements of horror and suspense, and players should refer to the "Horror Content" section of the wiki for further information.

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