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The age of your character determines their knowledge of the world around them. There are pros and cons to different age groups.

  • 65+ : You have full knowledge of the world before the Respirazon drug spread, and will receive extra information on various topics from the game team. Your Bleed Out time is 2 minutes, and if knocked to -1HP you are highly likely to receive a Trauma Card.

  • 50-64: You have a limited knowledge of the world before the Respirazon drug spread, and may receive extra information on various topics from the game team. Your Bleed Out time is 3 minutes, and if knocked to -1HP you are somewhat likely to receive a Trauma Card.

  • 49 and below: Your knowledge of the world before Respirazon is limited only to what you have been told and have read. Your Bleed Out time is 4 minutes, and if knocked to -1HP you are less likely to receive a Trauma Card.



Every character gets the chance to specialise in a particular field. Time is limited when you’re fighting to survive, and masters of all trades simply do not exist. While the character classes have titles, you do not need to use these titles in play. For example, your Counsellor could be a radio show host who is particularly good at talking to people, or your fighter may be a pacifist but just seems naturally adept at combat!

Your options are as follows:

  • Fighter
    You are usually physically tougher than most, and are good with weaponry and combat.

  • Doctor
    Patching people up is your speciality, as is curing and preventing illness.

  • Inventor
    Memories of the technologies of the 2020 still exists, but trying to make it work is hard. You are the people best equipped to make it happen.

  • Counsellor
    The mental toll of this hard life hits everyone, and these people are best at maintaining the sanity of others.

  • Survivor
    You do not specialise in any of the above, but have developed some other specific skill sets that help you survive.



All characters start with the following stats:

  • 2HP global hits and 2SP (Sanity Points) unless otherwise stated

  • All the skills stated on the Universal Skills page

You may choose any three additional options attached to your specialism



Free Skill: Can use one-handed weapons between 18"-42" in length

  • BRICK-BUILT. 5HP and 2SP  (cannot be taken with NAILS)

  • NAILS. 4HP and 3SP (cannot be taken with BRICK-BUILT)

  • WAY OF THE SPEAR. Can use two-handed weapons between 42" to 84" in length

  • HEARTLESS. Can kill any humanoid without losing sanity

  • HARD TO KILL. Your Bleed Out time increases by 2 minutes

  • RESILIENT. Once per day when bleeding out, you can get up and painfully walk to find help. Your bleed count does not pause during this time. If you are struck again, you fall unconscious.

  • SHIELDED. Can use a shield.

  • COLD DEAD HANDS. You are immune to the DISARM call.

  • STRONG AND STABLE. You are immune to the KNOCKBACK call.



Free Skill: You can spend 10 minutes treating and monitoring up to three non-bleeding people to heal them to their full HP. You can also spend thirty seconds closing a bleeding wound to stop bleed out and put the location on 0HP, pausing their bleedout as soon as you begin closing the wound. You receive a Doctor Code Sheet.
Unless specifically stated, you cannot use Doctor Skills on yourself. 

  • QUICK PATCH. Can “quick patch” a bleeding out person in 10 seconds to return them to 0HP. 

  • QUICK HEAL. Can administer Insta-Scar via injection to instantly return a bleeding out person to 1HP

  • GENERAL PRACTITIONER. Can identify the presence of Trauma Cards and Infection Cards, but cannot cure them without the necessary skill. Can analyse blood and tissue samples to determine infections, diseases, or other ailments. Can perform analysis on samples and corpses.

  • CHEMIST. Can mix medications from other ingredients, once you know what ingredients you're looking for!

  • STRONG-WILLED. 1HP, but 5SP.

  • STABLE MIND. Doesn’t lose sanity if a patient dies under their care

  • SURGEON. Can read Trauma Cards and perform surgery on those affected by them

  • PATHOLOGIST. Can read Infection Cards and perform care on those affected by them

  • LAST RESORT. If a patient is in the last 30 seconds of their Bleed Out or close to dying during surgery, you can try something crazy in an attempt to save them. There is a high chance they may be permanently injured as a result if they survive...

  • DEATH GRIP. You can use the "Sleep" call on a target with a Trauma Card injury.



Free Skill: You can mash parts together to make new working items! You can only work on one project at a time, and you must have a specialisation that is relevant to your project (though you can work in teams with other Inventors). You can also repair items that have been CRUSHed or SHATTERed. You receive an Inventor Code Sheet.

  • GROUNDED. Is somehow always grounded, so is immune to the SHOCK call

  • ARMOURER. Can create weapons and armour. You receive an Armourer Code Sheet.

  • WEAPONSMITH. Can upgrade melee weaponry. You receive a Weaponsmith Code Sheet.

  • ELECTRICIAN. Can create electronic technology. You receive an Electrician Code Sheet.

  • MECHANIC. Can create mechanical technology. You receive a Mechanic Code Sheet,

  • MEDICAL TECHNICIAN. Can create medical technology. You receive a Med-Tech Code Sheet.

  • SELF IMPROVEMENT. You've made an item that makes your life easier! This item will be given to your in your character pack at Game Team discretion, based on your background submission.

  • RECYCLER. Can break down lammied items into their component parts. You automatically receive green-graded parts if they are present in the original item. You have a 75% chance of salvaging yellow-graded parts. You have a 50% change of salvaging red-graded parts.

  • SCAVENGER. Can determine the colour rating of components, regardless of whether the code appears on their codesheet

  • DUCT TAPE. Twice per day, you may patch up a lammied item so that one of it's degrading parts improves by one point of condition.



Free Skill: You can talk to a another person for 10 minutes and return their full SP to them through reassurance or other appropriate means. You can also read Mental State cards. You can also detect whether or not someone is in the Breakdown State.
Unless specifically stated, you cannot use any of the Counsellor Skills on yourself.

  • ATLAS. Can make a strong suggestion to someone after 5 minutes of uninterrupted one-on-one conversation which they find hard to ignore.

  • GROUP THERAPY. Can return 2SP per 5 minutes of counselling, to up to three people at once.

  • SELECTIVE HEARING. You are immune to calls that start with "Sonic", as well as the "Deafen" call.

  • EXPERIENCED. You have increased sanity of 5SP

  • MENTAL FORTITUDE. Total sanity loss has a lower effect on you, and your Breakdown effects will reflect this

  • CALMING INFLUENCE. Can calm a character in a Breakdown State after thirty seconds of reassurance, using the call “Calm Breakdown”

  • CUP OF TEA. You can sit down and relax with a cup of tea, regaining 1SP after five minutes three times a day.

  • STUBBORN. The effects of "Atlas" do not work on you.

  • MIND AND BODY. You are strong-minded enough to push through pain. So long as you are conscious, you can spend your SP to regain the your own HP (at a rate 1SP per 1HP).



Free Skill: You have seen some awful things, and have an increased SP of 5.

  • WAY OF THE BLADE. Can use a one-handed weapon larger than a dagger

  • LEGOLAS. Can use a bow and arrows, and scavenge your arrows back.

  • ADVANCED SCAVENGER. Can find useful components amongst junk and broken objects, as well as identify drugs that are still usable. You receive an Advanced Scavenger Code Sheet.

  • THIEVE'S TOOLS. You have a high chance of being able to pick a non-electronic lock

  • HIDE 'N' SEEK. Can hide easily behind objects that conceal at least 50% of the body. You must remain stationary with a fist raised out in front of your body at a 90 degree angle to your torso to indicate you are hidden.

  • CAN'T HEAR YOU. Decreased SP loss due to negative sound-related effects, losing 1SP per minute rather than 30 seconds.

  • SHIELDED. Can use a shield

  • LADY LUCK. You can call "No Effect" to any Combat Call or Effect Call other than DROP. This has a cooldown of sixty minutes after each use before it can be called again.

  • EYES OF A HAWK. You are keen sighted, and can see people who use the Hide 'n' Seek skill.​

  • QUICK REFLEXES. You've survived by simply avoiding getting hit! You may call "DODGE!" against any Combat Call directed at you other than a MASS <Call> once per half hour. This does not work against Effect Calls.

  • PRAGMATIC. You are able to kill infected humans without taking sanity loss.



Those who have survived are legendary in their own rights, and now more than ever the phrase “everyone is unique” is incredibly true.

As such, every character will receive a unique skill relevant to their skill set and backgrounds, as determined by the game team. You will receive notification of this skill in advance of the next event you are attending. This skill will be wholly unique to you, and no two players in the party will share the same “Legendary Attribute”. These attributes may develop over time.

For example:

  • Dr. Samuel Masters
    Specialism: Doctor
    Skills: Quick Patch, Quick Heal, General Practitioner
    Legendary Attribute Lvl 1: Due to the amount of time spent patching people up as a combat medic, if Dr Masters spends 30 seconds stitching up a bleeding wound, he can close it and return 1HP to his patient instantly without the use of medicine.




There is no XP system at We Are Legends, and the stats you choose at the start of the game are the ones your character will always have. However, should you survive a year (two events), your Legendary Attribute will evolve as a result of your actions over the past year. It is possible they will remain the same but improve in some way, or they may alter in other ways. This is determined by the Game Team, based on your IC actions and background. Your Legendary Attribute can evolve 2 times before maxing out.




All players are permitted a maximum of two active characters at We Are Legends. The characters must have different specialisms to one another, and cannot be directly related to the existing character in any way. A character can be placed into temporary retirement to make way for a new character, but they will gain no evolution to their Legendary Attribute while in retirement.

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