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This section covers rules not touched upon in other sections.

Physical Contact

Some rules state that contact is required. In these instances, players should always hold their hands several inches away from the character they are using their skills on, and only physically touch them with permission. Players should not feel discouraged from asking someone not to touch them if this rule is forgotten.

Out of Character Calls

We use several out of character calls that should not be used in an IC manner. These are listed below.

  • TIME IN. This indicates that the game is live and running, and players should now be in character

  • TIME OUT. This indicates the game has ended, either overnight or for the weekend

  • TIME FREEZE. The game is paused. You should close your eyes (if it is safe to do so) and not open them until Time In is called

  • SAFETY. This can be used by Crew or Players. This indicates a real life injury that has taken place. Should you hear SAFETY being called, everyone in the area should drop to one knee and point in the direction of the incident so first aiders can attend as quickly as possible. You do not resume until Time In is called

Stealing Items

Only items which are game-team provided, lammied or stickered are steal-able. Should you wish to steal an item not covered by these rules (such as another player's IC notebook) then please consult with a referee before doing so. Any non-lammied/stickered items should be disclosed to an NPC or referee in an Out of Character capacity within thirty minutes of the theft taking place. All lammied/stickered items should be stored in IC areas during Time In.

Under no circumstances should players enter the personal tent of another player, as this is considered to be an Out of Character area.

Players may also choose, in situations where there is communal indoor IC sleeping areas, to mark some bags with a sign or label that says OOC. These items may not be searched, but no IC items should be hidden within them.


Should you wish to search a character or monster for items, you may do so. If there is a visible lammied or stickered item (that you have the skill to identify) on their person, you may take this item. If you wish to search more thoroughly, you should inform the person "I am searching you".

Spend thirty seconds mimicking checking pockets and pouches, inside jackets and in the cuffs of jeans, etc. Unless the target consents to being physically searched, you should not make physical contact with them. After thirty seconds, inform the target "Search complete". They should then hand over any game items they have on their person for you to take, if you wish.


It is possible to carry injured or unconscious people to safety... or danger! To do so, you need one person with at least one free hand to move the target at a slow walking page. Alternatively, you can have up to two people with a total of two free hands on the target to move them at a fast walking pace. 

Unless the target consents to being touched, you should hold your free hand/s within a foot of the target.

Player vs Player Action

Should you wish to try and kill another player, it is advised you inform a Ref in advance of your intentions. They will observe covertly to ensure that rules are adhered to.

Should a Ref not be aware or present, and a dispute arises, benefit of a doubt will go towards the target of the PvP action.

We Are Legends is not designed to be a PvP intense game, and we would encourage players to consider PvP actions carefully before taking them. PvP can come with unexpected IC and OC consequences as losing a loved character can take an emotional toll on the player of that character. It should be a last resort action, not a first resort one. Remember, all characters at We Are Legends are considered "Legends" in their own right, and as such as not easy to kill on a whim. From an OOC perspective, the game team also wishes to ensure that PvP action is being taken for the right reasons, hence the rules below.

If you plan to perform PvP against another character, you must follow the below instructions:

1. Find a referee and let them know you wish to discuss PvP action (which can also be worded as "I want to declare intent"​.

2. The referee will take you aside to somewhere you cannot be overheard by other players, and will either summon a more suitable referee or discuss the action with you personally.

3. You will be required to show your character card/character sheet as well as any lammied items that you may use in your PvP attempt. This includes crafted weapons, poisons, and any other such items.

4. You will be asked to explain why you wish to take this course of action against the target character. PvP should never be made due to OOC disputes, or on a whim. The referee will need to determine if the reason is valid as a course of action, and may contact another ref (usually the Head Ref) for a second opinion if unsure.

5. If determined that your reasons are valid, you will be asked for details on how exactly you intend to try and kill the target character. It is important that items such as poisons are declared, as the referee will need to ensure they know all the necessary rules and mechanics that are needed to properly oversee the attempt.

6. You must have the referee you discussed your PvP intents with present at your PvP attempt. They will be discreet as possible, sometimes doing what is performed as 'stealth reffing' (where all high-vis is removed to make the ref as invisible as possible). They will monitor your attempt and time bleedout as appropriate.

7. If your PvP is successful, it is good conduct not to discuss it with other players in an OOC capacity unless the PvP is discovered and you are identified as the killer IC. It is also generally considered to be a considerate action to speak with your target OOC after their character has died and they have gone OOC to check that they are okay, to provide assurance that the action was purely IC and that no OOC malice was involved, and to ask if there's anything you can do to help them in the meanwhile. Remember, you have just ended the story of a character they may have been very attached to, and could be suffering emotionally as a result.

8. If your PvP is not successful, there may be IC consequences for your actions. The referee who was present at your PvP attempt will monitor the ongoing situation to help ensure there is no metagaming taking place in character's attempts to identify the assailant.

Referee Rulings

In the case of rule disputes, the ruling of a referee overrides any wording written in the wiki or on a lammie. If you disagree with the ruling given by a referee, please escalate your query to the Head Referee.

Rulings by the Head Referee are final.


In the interests of creative a game environment that works for a variety of players, there is no IC discrimination in the world based on skin colour, gender, sexuality, sex, religion or disability. Essentially, any trait a player has as an OC trait should not be subject of IC discrimination. You can choose to discriminate against someone based on things such as their IC morals or views, their skills, their background etc. If any player feels they are being discriminated against based on OC traits, please speak to the Head Referee or Head NPC.


Complaints should be brought to the attention of the Head Referee or Head NPC, who will advise and act accordingly. We encourage players to bring up issues during the event if they are something that can be addressed while on-site. If not, complaints can be messaged in post-event if you prefer.

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