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Dates: 17-19 March 2023

Venue: Gloucester Prison

Site Opens to Players: 4pm
Briefing: 7pm Friday
Time In: 7.30/8pm
Time Out: Noon Sunday
This is a 24-hr time in event.
As with all We Are Legends games, this event will contain horror themes.



Gloucester Prison is a disused prison complex and, as such, is in varying states of disrepair. Caution should be taken at all times to ensure personal safety. Players are encouraged to bring torches, as there will be times where lighting is either turned off or not available.

While we have access to the full venue, there will be areas of the prison that are 'closed' for IC or OC reasons. If you are informed that an area is 'OOC unavailable', please skim over it IC and do not assume that this is an IC plot hook. Some areas are closed due to safety, some are OC sleeping areas, and some are being kept close to prepare for encounters.


The prison uses it's original security features, including secure doors. As such, once the doors close after time in, leaving the site by car can only happen if a Ref or the Site Manager is available to open the gates. There are foot-based safety exits which will be identified to you during briefing. Similarly, cells still possess cell doors but these do not lock. Please do not attempt to lock any door.

The full venue address is: Gloucester Prison, Barrack Square, Gloucester GL1 2JN

Gloucester Train Station is the closest train to the venue, a fifteen minute walk from site.
Car Parking is available within the prison complex at no charge. Due to the nature of parking, cars will not be easily accessible throughout the weekend. Please assume you will not be able to have car access after arriving.


For WAL4, all sleeping areas are considered IC spaces, and are subject to the 24-hr Time In status.

However, in the interests of privacy, each players sleeping area should be respected. No-one should enter another players sleeping space without permission, and crew will also respect this rule. Players should not make attempts to abuse this to increase their chances of survival when in a combat scenario.

We are currently determining where within the prison the players will set up 'camp' and aim to have this location within a reasonable distance of toilet facilities.

Players will need to bring their own camp beds, mattresses, bedding etc.
We also recommend power banks/batteries as there is very limited availability of working plug sockets. Please do not use a plug unless you have been told it is safe to use. 

Due to the complications regarding getting in and out of the venue after we close the doors, we discourage players from making Off-Site accommodation plans. However, if you do make such plans, please let us know in advance.


The canteen area (where the Pre-Time-In Briefing will take place) will be a designated OOC zone for eating and resting outside of the Time In spaces. Your character is still assumed to be on site (and, as such, other characters should not act as though you are missing, but rather just gloss over your absence). While within this area, you are not subject to any game effects and you are welcome to come to this location and stay within it as long as you wish.


We are currently in discussion with a caterer regarding provision of meals for WAL 4.
Players are welcome to bring their own camping stoves if they wish to self-cater.

There are a variety of takeaways close to site which can deliver.
Meal Times will be pre-determined, and activity from crew will cease during these hours. We want players to be able to use these times to eat and rest without fear of monster attacks.


Registered First Aiders will be present on-site throughout the event. Anyone with serious conditions that may require immediate attention should make themselves known to the head of First Aid after the Briefing. Please remember that the role of First Aiders is to provide immediate, temporary care to those who are ill or injured, cannot offer medication of any kind, and that they are not medical professionals. Players are ultimately responsible for their well-being and if you feel you need further medical care then we can arrange for transport to the nearest hospital.

The nearest A&E is the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Emergency Department, Great Western Rd, Gloucester GL1 3NN and is under a 10 minute drive from Gloucester Prison.


We will be re-reviewing the rules in advance of the event. Any changes to rules will be communicated via social media and during the games Briefing on-site.


At WAL3, some players opted to remain at the Prison full-time to help continue explore it, protect it, and set up a more secure base of operations within it. We will be asking those players to identify themselves before the event so we can brief them accordingly. Please note that your pre-event information will vary based on your decision of whether you stayed at the prison or not. Those who stayed will not have been able to perform any downtime actions outside of the immediate prison vicinity.


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