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Unless you are physically struck at the same time as one of these calls, you take no damage but must abide by the roleplay requirement of the call.


CRUSH: If striking armour, the blow destroys your armour and removes all HP provided by it. If striking an unarmoured or destroyed armour location, you are instantly taken to 0HP.
DISARM: If striking a held item, or the arm/hand holding that item, the item must be dropped to the floor and cannot be retrieved for three seconds.
DODGE: You are able to ignore the last combat call that was directed towards you. This does not work against MASS calls.

KNOCKBACK: You are forced to move backwards by three large paces

FATAL: Ignores armour. You are instantly taken to -1HP and begin bleeding out.
POW!: You take 1HP damage from a ranged/non-contact strike.

PARALYSIS: You are unable to move or speak for 10 seconds

SHATTER: Destroys a weapon or shield if struck with this call. Does 1HP damage if it strikes an unarmoured location or a destroyed armour location.

SHOCK: You suffer spasms due to electric shock for 10 seconds

STRIKEDOWN: You are knocked down to the floor. Either your chest/back must touch the floor, or you must fall to one hand and one knee touching the ground for 10 seconds. 


These effects do not require a weapon to use, and may come from a variety of sources. 

BLIND: You are unable to see for 10 seconds. You may keep your eyes open for OOC safety if needed.

BREAKDOWN: You lose all your sanity and enter Breakdown State

CALM BREAKDOWN: You end your breakdown state early. You are tired and unable to take any actions other than walking, talking tiredly etc, until you have sanity points returned to you

CLEAR MIND: All mind-altering effects (such as the ATLAS skill) you are under immediately end

CONFUSE: You feel lost and forget what you were doing. You cannot use skills for 10 seconds.
DEAFEN: You are unable to hear for 10 seconds

DROP: You immediately fall to the floor unconscious. You take no damage. A referee will inform you of how to proceed. It is impossible to become immune to the DROP call as a player character.

MUTE: You are unable to talk for 10 seconds
SLEEP: You fall asleep and stay that way until roused by someone actively attempting to wake you for at least ten seconds (clicking fingers, calling the character's name etc)

SP LOSS: You lose 1SP

TOTAL HEAL: You are healed of all Hit Point damage. This does not heal any Trauma, Infection or Mental State cards that you have acquired.

SONIC <CALL>: An effect caused by a sound, which can be ignored by those with Selective Hearing

EXTENDED <CALL>: Any call with a 10 second duration now lasts 1 minute



These are an OOC indicator that require an attached call.

BOTH HANDS RAISED, OPEN PALM, "NON-COM!": The target is s NON-COMBATANT and should not be physically struck.



These silent gestures are an OOC indicator that doesn't require an attached call.

RAISED FIST: The character is HIDDEN and cannot be seen without a relevant skill.

RAISED FINGER/OPEN HAND: The target is OOC and cannot be seen IC.

FOREARMS CROSSED OVER HEAD/FACE: The target is using a NON-VERBAL SAFEWORD and should not be interacted with.

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