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There is a lot of junk out there in the world, and a lot of it is not usable. At We Are Legends, we use three types of sticker to help you identify what is useful and what is trash.

    A green star item can only be identified by someone with the appropriate skill. If you have the SCAVENGER skill, you are able to tell that this is a working item or component, and it is in good condition.

    A red star item can only be identified by someone with the appropriate skill. If you have the SCAVENGER skill, you are able to tell that this is a working item or component, and is in poor condition.

    A gold star item can be identified by anyone. It is an item that looks somehow different, special or useful to you. It may come with a Special Item tag.

    A blue star  item is a usable drug or medical component. You must have the DOCTOR class or the ADVANCED SCAVENGER skill to identify these items.

    A silver star item is a unique item in usable condition, and will often come with a Special item tag. You must have the ADVANCED SCAVENGER or ENGINEER skill to identify these items.


Some items in the game will have special properties, whether they are found within the world or have been invented or upgraded by players. These items will be identifiable by a small blue plastic tag tied to them, with a two-letter code on one side and a number on the other. This indicates that the item has special properties beyond the obvious, and requires some level of investigation to discover what they do. Depending on your character skills, you may find out full details, or only limited information, about an item, and some can only be determined by the individual who made them.


To encourage a more realistic look to our trade game, we give out small holographic stickers which players are invited to affix to small 'trade items'. These can be small mechanical or electronic parts, tools, medical paraphernalia, books... anything that can realistically be considered to have 'value'. There is no real exchange rate imposed by the game team as this is designed to encourage trader roleplay.

The UKA are attempting to reinstate the British Pound within the country. As such, UKA soldiers and employees are paid in British Pounds and use these to pay for goods and services within UKA controlled towns and villages. It has not been fully accepted by the rest of the country at present. These are printed on textile-based paper and are difficult to counterfeit, but have helped to create a more stable economy within UKA controlled locations.


Any item that has a Sticker or a Special Item tag on it is stealable. If it is an item with a STAR sticker, you do not need to disclose this theft to a referee. If it is an item with a Special Item tag, you must disclose to theft to a referee within thirty minutes, as it is possible that the phys-rep attached to the Special Item tag is not game property.

As such, if you are to Special Item tag any of your personal items, please be aware that you are accepting that they may be stolen in-play. Phys-reps that are stolen will be held at GOD and can be collected before the end of that day.



There are some items that we allow players to bring and use, with torches being a top example. However, we ask players to remember that just because you are able to get hold of an item OOC, that does not mean it is appropriate to bring it with you IC! We would ask that any items you wish to bring that have any sort of mechanical effect be approved by the game team before you bring and use it.

Items which are prohibited include:

- Radios (both transmitting and receiving)

- Alarms

- Gas masks

- Precision scientific equipment

- Firearms

- Traps

- Night Vision/Low Light Vision devices

- Recording devices

- Most electronic equipment that provides any sort of in-game purpose or advantage

If in doubt, please ask! It is impossible to provide a definitive list for the game, and there may be circumstances where your phys-reps may become usable if certain IC conditions are met!


If your character receives some major or significant damage, you may be given a Trauma Card. This card will detail the roleplay and mechanical effects of your injury. 



If your character undergoes a particularly emotionally traumatic experience, they may receive a Mental State card. These cards will detail changes to your characters personality or actions as a result of their experience, as well as details on how the effect can be removed.


Sometimes, effects or injuries can be so severe that they make a permanent change to your character. A character that keeps breaking one of their arms may find that they soon have a permanent effect stating they cannot wield a weapon or shield in that hand, for example. Permanent Effect cards are not always negative, it should be noted, but they cannot be removed except in very rare circumstances.


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