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Referees are the enforcers of game rules at We Are Legends. There are two types of referee at our game: IC Refs and OC Refs.

OC Referees are marked by wearing yellow shemagh scarves, either around the neck or the head in a visible manner. When wearing these, they are "invisible" to the characters, and can be approached to ask OOC questions or ask for rules clarifications. They may also be there to deliver effects, calls, or oversee player action.

You are welcome to interact with OOC Refs for whatever reason, and players should not see a character as acting weirdly if they are engaged in conversation with an OC Ref (i.e. they are not 'talking to themselves' or 'talking to the wind').


Crew and Marshalls

Crew is a catch-all term for the volunteers that work with We Are Legends to bring the game to life, from "monsters" to backstage makeup to first aiders.

Marshalls are support crew who tend to be present during encounters and fights to help ensure safety, time bleedouts, and sometimes perform duties at the request of referees.

Crew and Marshalls will be dressed in purple hi-viz jackets and will endeavour to stay out of the way of the player party where possible. They are not able to answer any plot or rules queries, but may be able to direct you to the nearest Referee. You should not expect anyone in a purple hi-viz to be able to answer a rules query unless they are also wearing a yellow shemagh. 

hiviz purple.jpg

NPCs and IC Refs

NPCs are characters that spend most of their time in the player party, and are there to help direct plot as well as act as referees for tasks such as crafting and surgery. They can also give responses on rules queries.

IC Refs are characters that are not often in the player party, but are able to answer rules queries while they are in-play.

NPCs and IC Refs can be identified by the purple SIA-style armband worn around one of their arms, which shows that they are available for rules queries despite being present IC.

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