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There are many places in the UK that remain largely unexplored and uninhabited, but those listed below are the more well-known areas. If you wish, you can have your character come from one of these "safe" zones, or you can invent your own background origin for submission to the Game Team for approval.

Safe Zones

The Triangle - Consisting of the cities of Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester, these locations create what is known to travellers as "The Triangle". Through the efforts of those Immune humans living and settled there, they have managed to make the cities and the space between them largely 'safe', for a given definition of the word. Of course, there are still infected around in The Triangle, but at far lesser numbers than most other major cities. While the very centre of the cities themselves are still the most risky locations, many smaller camps and settlements exist on their suburban borders. These three cities have a history of trading between one another, and those looking for a safer life where they can settle long-term tend to make their way towards The Triangle with the intention of calling it home.

Norwich - Home of the Norwich Health Service (or NHS), a large group intent on seeing good health return to the UK. They have managed to retake a vast majority of the city and use it for scavenging and for working on new medications. They are one of the only producers of Boost, Insta-Scar and Antidote in the UK, and have trade links with the UKA and other major settlements. They tend to offer their support for free, though ask for "whatever you can spare" in return, be it supplies or manpower. 

National Parks - Due to the lower number of inhabitants in these areas, the green spaces of the UK's national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty suffer from very low numbers of wandering Infected. However, they also lack a lot of supplies that towns and cities offer. Because of this, the number of people choosing to live in these areas are few, and those that do so tend to survive through more rustic means such as hunting and small-scale farming.

Eden - The Eden District in Cumbria had the lowest number of Infected when the mutated cure spread, and as such those who live there are reasonably unscathed. The communities are small and insular, and they are hesitant to let newcomers join them for fear of outgrowing what they can support... but those who have managed to wander in and out (usually traders) claim that it's almost surreal there, as the main town of Penrith looks untouched by time.

UKA Safe Zones

The UKA have taken control of several key locations in the UK, and while these are "safe", they are under UKA control and cannot be freely entered and exited. They are, however, generally welcoming to having people join their communities, so long as you are willing to live under martial law.

Isle of Wight - The main UKA base of operations. The UKA have managed to secure and clear the entire island, and now hold sole control over it. It is accessed via their outpost in Lymington, and is closed to visitors and travellers unless approved of by command.

Oxford - Once a highwaymen stronghold and home to small groups of very dangerous individuals, it has since been cleared out by the UKA and now forms the primary base for the English branch of the Army. They are primary located within the Sheldonian theatre, with various nearby buildings set up as residences for citizens wanting to live under the protection of the UKA.


Edinburgh - Based within Edinburgh Castle, the UKA has set this location up as it's Scottish base. There is a lot of dangerous territory along the Scottish border, and the safest route into the Scotland is through UKA territory. 

Overrun Areas

London - The worst of them all. The high population means that there is an incredible number of Infected living within the city. Anyone who chooses this place as their home is either crazy or has a death wish. There are no known settlements within London, and the only ones who tend to venture in are those desperate for items, as the risk of this city means that there is likely a lot of useful stuff within the uninhabited buildings.

Birmingham - Like London, the vast population here fell to Respirazon and left only the Infected behind. There have been several attempts to break into Birmingham and clear out areas of the Infected in the past by the UKA, but they have ultimately failed. The UK considers Birmingham to be "lost" until a better method of combatting the Infected arises.

Dover - When the mutated virus began to show it's symptoms, many people fled to the coast with the intention of sailing to France to 'wait out' the outbreak. Of course, this didn't ultimately help them, and as such Dover had a far greater number of people within it when everyone began to fall victim to Respirazon. Most people have given up on trying to leave the UK, however, so few have any reason to bother trying to get into Dover.

Glasgow - When the mutated cure first started claiming victims and showed how dangerous it could be, the University of Glasgow offered for sufferers to come to them for study in the hopes they could slow, or even stop, it's effects. The result? The university and city ended up being over-run as people from all over flocked there in the hopes of them or their family members being cured by the students and doctors there. It's now a no-go zone.

Highwaymen Strongholds

The following places do not have much information available on them, as few who enter these areas leave with their lives. They are entire cities with highwaymen working together scattered throughout, preying on the brave and unwitting.





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