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From Hannah B - From helping as crew to becoming a player

"As a new player to the world of LARP, I attended a We Are Legends event to be part of their crew. Immediately on meeting Kelly, she put my mind at ease - she was friendly, direct and clearly completely in control of what was happening when I arrived. She made sure I had everything I needed, including meeting other key crew members, and sharing vital info with me so I could do my job properly. They advised me there'd be late nights and a lot of hard work, but I could tap out and take a break at any time, and just to let someone on the main crew know. 

I attended the following We Are Legends event as a player, which was held in a much more complex venue with multiple plot lines happening at the same time. The team ensured all players had everything they needed, including sleeping quarters, somewhere to buy food by hiring a food truck, and details of local amenities if anyone had forgotten anything.

When the game started, it was immediately clear the sheer amount of planning that had gone into things. Having seen it from both sides, Kelly and her crew's organisational skills are impeccable, every little thing is thought about and she will always make time to deal with something if you have a problem.

The team's enthusiasm for the events they runs outside of work knows no bounds. Kelly's always professional, super approachable and is very obviously on top of everything - if she is floundering, she doesn't let is show and utilises the rest of her crew to help out.

I'd work quite happily alongside Kelly and her team at an event, and will absolutely play her games again in the future. "

From Clare D. - "Our welfare was always prioritised"

"I've been LARPing for fifteen years and WAL was a new type of LARP for me. I hadn't tried the high-terror post-apocalyptic ones before.

I am hooked. It was quite possibly the most fun I have ever had at a LARP event.

The attention to detail was phenomenal: the plot, requirements and abilities were dovetailed beautifully; the world described in such loving depth that you could easily immerse yourself in it; the atmosphere, despite the surprises, was kept thoughtful and kind; and the game team, especially KJ, were always reassuring over OOC matters, jumping swiftly on any concerns and ensuring our welfare was always prioritised.

Definitely going again!"

From Daniel W - "I keep coming back for more!"

"I have attended several of 'WAL' events, and they provide excellent examples of organisation, adaptability and attendee support.

The games provide a unique experience in LARP plot with personalised elements for each player both in plot and abilities provided to allow each player to have an effect on the game in a different way,

As a horror themed event they do an exceptional job in player-support, providing options for players to opt-out of scenarios they are uncomfortable with (with both verbal and non-verbal options), providing content warnings showing an awareness of phobias, and a general air of being able to talk to them no matter how busy they are. 

The games also demonstrate a an openness to feedback and a 'fail fast' approach to problem solving in that if a rule or other aspect isn't working or fed back to be an issue, they adapt and change it during the event and ensure this is communicated, as opposed to leaving it till after the event to look at - meaning if the attendees/players enjoyment is affected it is resolved asap

The game organisers have a high amount of crew loyalty behind them and their enthusiasm is infectious and adds to the enjoyment of a game - especially when providing scenarios to both terrify and entertain the players in various elaborate ways!

There is a reason I keep coming back for more!"

From Kat M - "My favourite system"

"WAL is hands down my favourite system; beautifully managed to keep everyone engaged and immersed at all times. The plots are creative and engaging, the use of personal plot and unique abilities gives everyone their own reason to buy-in and a unique way to contribute, and the crew work like a well-oiled machine. I will never stop wanting more!"

From Clare C - "Super Immersive"

"Kelly and her team should be very proud of what they have achieved. I have attended two We are Legends events and I can say hand on heart that they are two of the very best events I have ever attended in over 30yrs of Larping. The teams ability to write plot, organise the game and engage the players is second to none. From a players perspective I never saw any problems and both games appeared to run very smoothly.


As a game organiser myself I know how hard that can be. I'm sure there were likely hiccups backstage but they were handed seamlessly and invisibly.

The games themselves were super immersive with just the right amount of action vs plot vs storytelling vs downtime which meant I was never bored but also not so completely swamped with action that I was exhausted after a few hours. Very well balanced and I know that I will try to get tickets for any game that Legendary larp runs in the future."

From Kathryn S. - "Would highly recommend"

As Events Lead for my County Council, I have always been impressed with Legendary Larp's ability to run events. They are safe and well organised and have stewards and first aiders clearly identifiable, despite the immersive nature of the events being run.

Information regarding and updates are regularly communicated to players via email and social media, and I've found that Kelly runs her administration very professionally, making booking and payment extremely easy.

I thoroughly enjoy Legendary Larp's games, as their team are as good at story telling as they are event running. Would highly recommend.


By El M. - "A brilliant, supportive atmosphere"

"The team at WAL are a genuine pleasure to volunteer for. I have been a voluntary member of the crew behind the scenes at events since the first game of We Are Legends, and the way it has grown and adapted over time has been a delight to see.


Everything is run so that everyone has a good time — specifically so that the paying players have a great time — but as a result, the crew have a blast with breathing life into the well-written and well-produced world indicative of a Legendary Larp, with briefs that are creatively fulfilling and present interesting scenarious to play to.


The behind the scenes is always well-organised and communicative, and if any of us have questions, comments, or concerns, we always know who to speak to and can rest assured that the organisers will do their best to resolve things quickly and efficiently.


It's a brilliant, supportive atmosphere, and very rewarding to be a part of!"

From Brian K. - "The whole team are a delight"

The WAL team are highly creative, motivated and dedicated to bringing amazing events to players and crew alike. The events are well planned, thought out, and run with efficiency.


Kelly and the team are always happy and willing to answer any questions, provide support when needed, and deal with any issues that may arise.


Having attended two events as a voluntary crew member, I have seen the way that the team have adapted over time to bring the most fun to everyone in attendance. The whole team are a delight, and everyone knows that they will be heard if they voice anything - be it a concern or congratulatory in nature.

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